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Name tags informations2021-08-11T08:30:39-04:00

Information on Name tags

When you already have Nametags2015-05-17T08:46:33-04:00

We can also create an exclusive model for you. It will be put on our website in a section reserved for you. Contact our custom production department at:

Different kinds of fasteners2015-05-17T08:44:41-04:00

1- Pin fastener: This fastener is made up of a piece of plastic adhesive and a metal pin. The pin may slightly damage clothing over time.

2- Magnetic fastener: This fastener has two parts, a magnet and a steel plate. The magnet holds securely and does not pierce clothing. If you lose only the magnetic part, you must still order the entire fastener (steel plate and magnet). Go to the “Accessories” section to order. If you accidentally pull off your nametag, the magnet will simply release, without tearing your clothing.

I have a question to which I cannot find the answer on your website2015-05-17T08:43:21-04:00

Please email us using the contact form. Please ensure correct spelling of your email address to ensure you receive the reply.

Why do you only ship with Canada Post?2015-05-17T08:07:24-04:00

In order to streamline our shipping process, we have chosen to use a single carrier. This allows us to offer you the most competitive shipping cost available.

When do you ship my name tag order?2015-05-17T08:06:48-04:00

Orders are shipped as soon as all the elements ordered are manufactured. However, should a specific product require a higher than usual time to manufacture or order, it will be sent to you later, at no shipping cost to you.

Time to Manufacture2015-05-17T08:31:02-04:00

Once we receive your order, we will verify it and then we will inform you of the probable time it will take to manufacture. Usually, the time to manufacture is 1-2 business days. The order is then immediately shipped out to you.

When you want to add the name yourself2015-05-18T08:17:14-04:00

There are two ways you can add a name to your nametags:

1- Use a permanent marker (for different kinds of permanent markers, go to “name tag Accessories”). If you use these markers on printed metal nametags, you can erase the text at any time with lighter fluid.

2- Use a label printer (ex: p-touch by Brother) and print the content on a clear label. These printer generally print black, so if you choose a dark material, it could be hard to read.

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