Project Description

200 – 800$ each – This model is made of brushed aluminum and clear anodized. Anodizing is a process that creates a protective layer on aluminum. The process makes the aluminum more matte but helps your aluminum stay beautiful for many years. The content is colored with an ink cooked to withstand many years outdoors. The aluminum is ¼ inch thick and the dimension can be 24×48 inches without constraints. If your plate has more than 24×48, we can check if it is possible to make your plate.

The contour may be straight or with a 45 degree bevel.

The face is brushed linear
The fixation consists of 2 to 6 holes on the back. The holes are threaded on the back. This allows you to fix the plate invisibly.

We have 2 standard plate models. If you choose one of these 2 models, the price will be lower. We have 5×7 (220$) and 10×7 (240$). For 10×7 plates, we have a base as an option.

This plate can be used both outdoors and indoors.