Project Description

100 – 350 $ each – This plate model is composed of a wooden plate covered with metal on the 5 visible faces. So you get a plaque that looks like a block of metal. These plates are ⅝ « thick and the dimension is tailor-made. The maximum dimension is 24×36 inches.

  • Metal
    The metal covers the 5 visible faces of the plate. The metal can be printed in color or engraved
    Printable metal:
    Brushed aluminum (silver)
    Gold brushed aluminum
    Brushed aluminum copper
    White aluminum
    Brushed solid brass
    For engraved metal
    Brushed aluminum
    Brushed brass
    Bronze engraved


  • Contour
    There are 2 types of contour. The standard contour and the thread outline
    The standard outline consists of metal strips glued to the edge of the plate. From the front, this contour is not visible.
    The thread outline (this page) consists of 1/16 « metal strips. The metal is stuck on the outline and is visible from the front. The visible thickness of the metal is mirror and the contour is brushed. This frames your plate and the thin mirror line will add a beautiful reflection.


  • Fixation
    We make 3 keyholes on the back to allow you to install the plate as you wish. This allows you an invisible fixation.
    Use only the center hole if you want to use a single anchor. the installation is fast and simple but does not allow to easily secure the plate
    Use the 2 outer holes to install with 2 anchors. This allows you to have a straight plate at all times and if you use screws to fix the plate. It will be possible to solidify it.