Finding the right name tag supplier

If you’re thinking about buying more than one name tag a year, this guide is for you !

As for every product, the most important thing is to find the right supplier. Buying name badges may seem like a routine operation, but our experience has shown us that it is in fact an investment that must be well thought. This is why we created a guide that will allow you to find the ideal supplier so no small details are forgotten !

Constance: The most important thing is to have access to the same product every time you will need it; it is essential in order to maintain uniformity in your team. Be careful though: since the name tags are custom-made, every technique is different. That is one of the main reasons not to change suppliers.

The initial order: Of course, once you decide to use name tags, your first order will be important. Use this argument while selecting a supplier. It might even be possible to get a first name badge for free ! Thus, you will be ensured of the quality of the product.

The new employee: You will need to order new name tags for 2 main reasons – the arrival of a new employee and the loss of a name tag. To ensure constancy in your orders, it is essential to be able to order only one name tag easily. Some suppliers have a minimum purchase quantity, others have high shipping fees. It is a very important point to consider in your project.

Release programs: Some suppliers offer the option of pre-buying name badges so that you don’t have to pay them every time you need one. These programs are interesting because they simplify financial management and the order process. Keep in mind that shipping fees are usually applied on each name tag ; for example, it might to be to your disadvantage to order only 10 name tags at a time.

Delay: It is obviously one of the most important elements to consider. You should ideally get a name tag as soon as your employee needs it. Check the fabrication delay as well as the transportation delay. If your supplier is on the other side of the country, a mail expedition may take 5 days. I suggest to keep a few blank name badges, so that you can write your employee’s name with an erasable pen.

Exclusivities: Each supplier has multiple fabrication technique, some of them being exclusive, innovative even. They allow you to have a unique product that will draw attention. When shopping for your name badges, don’t hesitate to discuss alternatives with the suppliers and to ask questions about what differentiates them from others. Keep in mind that some processes may raise the price, especially on only one unit.

Comparing apples with apples: You may sometimes receive propositions with a very similar description, but with different prices. Make sure you understand the descriptions in order to be able to compare the offers. It is always best to ask for samples, so you can test different solutions.

Country of manufacture: Many manufacturers are located in the US. They usually offer a best unit price and their delay is worthwile. However, as for any product bought abroad, you will have to follow the importation procedure, which may cause unexpected delays. Custom clearance costs for a 1000$ order are of around 50$ (depending on your broker), but the fees for a 20$ order cost about the same thing, which can multiply the cost of your name badges. That is why I suggest you find a Canadian manufacturer as well.

As you can see, buying name tags requires an analysis and a time investment, so you can start your project right and ensure its continuity. Do not hesitate to read our article about name tag design; it will help you understand the process.

If you have a question or need more information, comment below or contact us by email.