Positioning your name tag may seem simple, but a few elements must be taken into consideration

On what side ?
I’ve done a lot of research on the subject. There is an hypothesis that suggests to wear it on our left side, since your name will be easier for your client to read when you shake their hand. However, personally, when I shake someone’s hand, the introduction has been made, or it is done during the hand shake. That is why I recommend to wear it on your left side, since most people wear it on that side ; when people will look for your name, they will know where it is.


It is important for the height to be the same for every employee, so that the clients will know exactly where to look to quickly find the employee’s name. When we put our name tag on, we have a tendency to wear it too low because of our vision angle. Use a mirror and you will always get good results. If you are a woman and you wear it too low, some clients might be uncomfortable because it will feel as though they are looking at your cleavage instead of your name. The ideal height is to align the bottom of the name badge with your underarm.

comment bien positionner son épinglette

From left to right. Center your name tag between the side of your neck and the exterior of your body. If you are wearing a top with a wide collar, you might have to put it more to the exterior or over the collar.

comment bien positionner son épinglette

Orientation. It is a pretty simple element that can require a bit of practice at the beginning. The content of your name tag should be horizontal.

Clean. Another elementary point is to have a name badge that’s clean and in good condition. Many people use stickers to write the name of their employees. With time, the sticker falls off and dirt sticks to it. If you use stickers, make sure to change them when they fall off. Also, think of the advantages of having personalized name tags.

In good condition. Metal name tags may bend ; in this case, you need to change the tag. Plastic name tags wear off with time and should be changed as well. It is normal that the name badges break with time, but you should be able to keep them for more than a year.

comment bien positionner son épinglette

Tip : If your name badge has a magnetic clasp, you can make small adjustments to its position once you’re wearing it. Moreover, the magnet won’t make wholes in your clothes.